SportPort Floating Dock Supply and Installation in Broward, Dade and Palm Beach

SportPort drive-on-docking is the best way to store your Boat, Jet Ski, Sea-Doo or even your Airplane! SportPort's unique system keeps the craft up and out of the water and unlike conventional boat lifts and other boat docking systems, there is no maintenance! SportPort's foam core technology helps with stability and makes its lifts truly unsinkable!
Easy to use, most boats and jet skis get on to the dock under their own power! No motors or hand cranks! Totally maintenance free drive on boat docking system.
Rather than keep your boat or PWC hanging in the air or sitting in the water, drive it on to your own dry dock. You can inspect or maintain your vessel easier, avoid wearing down zincs, exposing the hull to possible water damage or hanging on thin cables blowing in the wind.
You can choose from many different possible boat docking configurations so you get the perfect dock for your application. You can expand or modify your SportPort docking system to accommodate new or larger boats.
Setting up your SportPort docking system is easy. They can be installed to a seawall behind your home or to an existing dock, or just about anywhere. They are good looking and add value to your property or marina. Just set it up and it’s done! So it’s “All Play and No Work!”
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